Attention owners of companies who provide excavation, landscaping, roadbuilding, property developing, and other services, with the possession of excavators, dump trucks, dozers and compactors!

If you do not have a website for your company yet, I offer you a unique and inexpensive solution to get a great website with maintenance and developing for years ahead.

As a webmaster, I shall build any type of website for you in exchange for some excavating work at my residential property in Mat-Su, at Caswell Lakes (between Willow and Talkeetna).

I need to excavate and take off upper topsoil (2-4 feet down untill clean gravel) on 7,000 sq. feet area and move it temporarily to the side (probably, with a dump truck).  

Then, I need to extract about 700-750 cubic yards of gravel from about 2,300 sq. feet of the area (which we can call now a gravel quarry), and lay it down where the top soil was removed (4,700 sq. feet area) to create a gravel pad for driveway and cabin.

Then, all the top soil which was extracted earlier, need to be filled inside the quarry, and use a bulldozer to make all the area flat again. After that, compact the gravel zone using a compactor.

However, before all the work, about 80 trees (all spruces) need to be cut and disposed from this location (tops can be mulched, lower part saved for firewood or mulched all together.)

Should you be interested to do this type of work now, while there is no snow yet, please look at the websites I built earlier  and contact me at  my phone/text . I can put the website online for you as soon as you finish the excavating work.

I'll also take photos and videos of your work at my property and use it for your future website showing types of work you can provide, in addition of files you can provide on your own.

In one of my photos, with an excavator, you can see how thick the level of top soil is over the gravel.

If you do have a website already but know friends who do not, please let them know about this opportunity.

With the cost of building great websites from $10K to $50K, you will get a great deal and your business will grow dramatically taking orders from many new customers for the next season.

Theo Soloview
SoloView Website Design
Ph. (907) 351-7602