Inventor of Six Generations card games & playing cards, graphic
design and web-master - Fyodor Soloview,

Art work by
Andrey Ayoshin (72 images on the cards) and
Lyudmila Lygina (European man on the front cover).

Editors: Plesah Wilson, Keven Parret and Jonathan Albin.

Special thanks to Joan Severa and her book " Dressed for the Photographer:
Ordinary Americans & Fashion, 1840-1900
" for photo images of Americans.

Published by
Six Generations Publishing.
9048 Little Brook Street,
Anchorage, AK (Alaska) 99507-4922.
Phone: (907) 563-9999
(907) 522-9433
E-mail: s o l o v i e w @ g c i . n e t

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Six Generations Playing Cards
and Card Games, 72  cards
MSRP $8.97
ISBN 0-9760418-0-4
Catalog code: 6GN 1000.
First edition published
in September 2004.
Carta Mundi USA ,
Kingsport, Tennessee, U.S.A.

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